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We specialize in recovering data from hard drives even after other companies
have attempted and failed the hard drive data recovery.


Macintosh Hard Drive Data Recovery

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Colorado Data Recovery offers recovery and restoration services for every media type available. Our many years experience performing recovery of Machintosh Computer drives helps us deliver the fastest recovery possible on the Macintosh platform to recover from physically failed array drives, striping corruption, formated or deleted partitions and volumes, fire or flood damage. Drives large or small, Mac drives are no problem for us.

Expert Macintosh Hard Drive Data Recovery Services
Our professional hard disk data recovery solutions have helped companies large and small survive what would have suffered critical loss to their company. Macintosh (HFS) and OSX (HFS+) systems are often a struggle for other data recovery companies. Colorado Data Recovery's extensive UNIX experience coupled with our state-of-art level 10 clean room ensure your valuable data is returned to you as fast as possible. Macintosh file systems need special care and it is highly suggested that you never attempt recovery of computer data that you suspect might be physically damaged.

Macintosh Recovery Warning Signs
We have the facilities to perform full disk rebuilds if needed. Here is a short list of problem signs. If you notice any of these send in your drive for a free evaluation:
•The hard drive isn't mounting or takes a long time to mount.
•The Drive was accidently formatted or files have been deleted from the drive.
•The Macintosh boots to UNIX (OSX).
•Your files are disappearing.
•When you boot you get a kernel panic.
•A hard drive that should be showing up is no longer access able.
•You can see your drive in disk management but will not mount.
•You think your hard drive is corrupt and files are hard to locate.